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R&D 16 DU/AC Stacked Flats

R&D 16 DU/AC Stacked Flats
Stacked Flats
R&D 16 DU/AC Stacked Flats

R&D 16 DU/AC Stacked Flats




  • Density - 16 DU/AC
  • Unit Plan Sizes - 1,935-2,600 SF
  • Number of Units - 176 DU
  • Parking - 2.25 sp./unit


With nearly 80 million Baby Boomers, the Boomers are the largest group of shoppers looking for a home today nationally. However, 66% of these home shoppers polled report that they cannot find what they are looking for in today’s existing housing stock. Thus, KTGY’s innovative design responds to the preferences of this demographic. The homes feature large units that equal the scale and function of what might be these buyers’ current residence (92% of today’s home shoppers over 55 years old say home design is important in their decision making). These new homes are single level (77% say they want single level), open floor plan and two
of the plans are above 2,000 sq. ft. (67% want the square footage designed into these units). The kitchens have large entertaining islands, large media/family rooms and luxurious master bedroom suite and baths. The homes offer large outdoor spaces 250-400 sq. ft. with great indoor to outdoor connectivity (70% of these home shoppers want to feel the outdoors inside). Large outdoor decks provide space for the 50% of mature buyers who have pets. The homes also feature 2-car side-by-side enclosed garages (82% want it) and each building provides bicycle storage. Boomers, with their active lifestyle, want a home that is low maintenance, where they can lock and leave and these for-sale stacked flats provide this.