Cocktail Lounge

Services Provided

Interior Design


Building Area: 1,040 sq. ft.
Number of Seats: 65


Glamourous and glowing like a faceted jewel box, Rosina, a high-concept cocktail bar located on the bustling casino floor of The Palazzo in Las Vegas, NV, draws inspiration from a fictional namesake equal parts charming and seductive.

Designers constructed a full dossier for their muse, assigning attributes and weaving a complete life story. From her favorite color and love of haute couture to her beloved champagne cocktail and affinity for exceptionally luxe materiality, their prohibition-era Sicilian socialite with a penchant for living the good life embedded herself throughout the space.

Bold, brass art deco-inspired patterns on the bar’s exterior beckon guests to enter and experience a moment of vibrant life. Fashioned after a private rail car, the space features partial glass walls, antiqued mirror surfaces, and faceted globes that balance the play of light and shadow.

Rosina’s design layers materiality in yards of flowing fabrics, velvets, and leathers, and the decadently dramatic color palette features deep maroon, blush, jet black, and amber with glossy black brass-accented marble. One-ofa- kind design details like a “press for champagne” button and menu holders reminiscent of cigarette compacts further immerse guests in the essence of luxury.