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Project Name Client City State Location
Basan Detroit ODM Detroit MI Detroit, MI
BOKA BOKA Restaurant Group Chicago IL Chicago, IL
Electra at the Palazzo Las Vegas Sands Corporation Las Vegas NV Las Vegas, NV
Monarch at The Thompson Dallas What If Syndicate Dallas TX Dallas, TX
Rosina at the Palazzo Las Vegas Sands Corporation Las Vegas NV Las Vegas, NV
The Apparatus Room at Detroit Foundation Hotel Aparium Hotel Group Detroit MI Detroit, MI
The Farm at Brush Creek Ranch White Lodging Saratoga WY Saratoga, WY
The Nobel at St. Jane Chicago Becker Ventures Chicago IL Chicago, IL
The Town Company at Hotel Kansas City MFH Properties, LLC Kansas City MO Kansas City, MO

Given the opportunity to work within landmark buildings old and new, our restaurant and bar work often shows the interior design studio at their most vibrant. Rich textures, exquisite materials and the ordered arrangement of space come together to tell a story. Our goal with these spaces is to transform stories into an unmistakable impression left with each visitor. We start with the space, its context and history, and work with local artists and other consultants, drawing on our expertise to curate moments that the guest can discover naturally and remember long after they leave.