Services Provided
Interior Design

Building Area: 207,478 sq. ft.
Number of Guestrooms: 355 keys


When conceptualizing interiors and branding for Yours Truly, the designers envisioned an inviting yet unexpected environment for locals and visitors to gather. The space— a “communal living room” first and hotel second – celebrates and engages with the rich tapestry of bohemian counter-culture historically found in the local landscape and makes a point of welcoming the neighborhood into a whimsical and provocative space that breaks the ice, allowing connections to form and experiences to blossom. Instead of trying to conceal the uncompromising characteristics inherent to the building’s exterior, designers embraced them, creating thoughtful juxtapositions using bohemian luxury-inspired interior components and turning the material tension into a beautifully balanced design equation. The resulting concept brings to life their vision of a high-design, high-energy hub that is visually striking and reflective of its exuberant backdrop. The building’s raw exterior flows through the interiors in the form of concrete floors and columns while soaring plastered walls and exposed ductwork surround. Layered, lush design details establish an unconventional sensibility. Furniture, fabrics and rugs in a mix of textiles, wool plaids, vintage velvets and broken leather are an eclectic collection – from 70’s-inspired wing chairs and luxurious, silk-fringed pill-shaped stools to over-tufted, piled-high area rugs and whimsical light fixtures. Warm brass, carved wood and tasseled accents embellish the space. Opulence and earthiness feels extraordinary here, cocooned within concrete walls. Glamorous and moodily lit, guest corridors are a departure from the vivacious feel of the lobby. Custom carpet, rich in saturated hues of reds and golds with a strong black border, creates a runway-like feel, which is enhanced by strategically positioned ceiling pin lights. Black baseboards and doors add to the drama. Guestrooms are edited yet well-appointed and expertly boast the contrast between brutalist and bohemian. The designers retained the original polished concrete floors to maintain the hotel’s feel of authenticity. Layers of design are found throughout the rooms, including mosaic ombre tiling, brass mirrors, inviting mohair lounge chairs, fringed pillows and richly patterned area rugs hand-tufted in Egypt. Open custom closets, heathered felt wallcovering and oversized beds with wood and worn leather headboards complete the space and add residential touches. A vintage-inspired color palette provides further warmth and familiarity. Boasting eclectic discoveries for curious minds, luxurious respite for those in search of retreat and serendipitous happenings that nurture conversation and community, Yours Truly offers an adventure in design and comfort for all who wander.