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Argyle, TX

BB Living Residential

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BB Living Harvest is a master-planned community that brings rental variety to an area greatly in need of housing choices. Each detached home is crafted in one of three different styles that complement the master plan and the region: Hill Country, Texana Farmhouse, and American Classic. These styles make attractive use of lap siding, board and batten, stone, and brick. Each style is further enriched by three different color schemes. The personality, array of styles, colors and materials give this community a diverse yet harmonious look.

KTGY’s designers worked with the client to plot the master plan with clusters of six to eight homes. Each is served by an alley-facing garage, keeping the façades clean. A green paseo reaches every front door, with shared courts in the front and private yards to the rear. Greenbelts bisect the site, creating pedestrian corridors off the street. These lead to open spaces with outdoor amenities such as BBQ, basketball, playground and flex lawn. From work-from-home singles to empty nesters — BB Living Harvest is designed to make style, community and amenities attainable to the expanding demographic of suburban Forth Worth.

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Argyle, TX


2024 Best in American Living Awards (BALA)

Silver Award | Single-Family, Detached or Attached, For Rent

2023 MHN Excellence Awards

Silver Award | Best Development & Design: Single-Family Rental


Chris Texter Principal | Board of Directors
  • Architecture
  • Irvine CA
Alan Scales Principal
  • Architecture
  • Irvine CA
Brad Golba Associate Principal
  • Architecture
  • Irvine CA




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