Thompson Austin | Detroit Foundation Hotel

Hotels ByDesign

June 13, 2023

KTGY’s approach to interior and brand design starts with a story and culminates in one-of-a-kind guest experiences. Whether it’s working with an established brand to bring new build to life or finding a new brand identity in the spirit of a locale, we are active collaborators in establishing and bringing the vision to life.

Our work for the Thompson Austin Hotel and Detroit Foundation Hotel was featured on Hotels ByDesign. Principal Gina Deary and Assoc. Principal Sara Talleux share their expertise and insight with the experts hosting this design travel show. Watch the clips below to see how we collaborate with our partners to create exceptional spaces that define what it means to truly be somewhere.

Many interior concepts, like Sara’s work on the Thompson Hotel, employ a muse. An impetuous rebel spirit touches the heavy interior architecture with contrasting color, surprising patterns, texture and materials that call on Austin’s distinct verve and bring vitality to what could be an overwhelming space.

Good interior design can also revitalize and protect historic architecture. Gina’s process for the Detroit Foundation Hotel started with walking the site of this beautiful, but abandoned, historic firehouse and discovering decades’ worth of documents and material left by the fire department. These documents influenced the brand design, typeface and tangibles.

Her appreciation for the building and its former inhabitants laid the foundation for the design. Gina’s research informed her approach to each space and undergirds the hotel’s fantastic art program. Research, time and care go into each space, but buildings like Detroit Foundation require extra attention to detail.

Each design comes out of a unique context and history. What we aim for in our work is more than doing justice to the space. Our interior and brand designers bring the best of their research, taste and experience to bring the client’s vision to life.