KTGY is proud to support Bryan Sevy of KTGY’s Irvine office as part of KTGY’s 2017 Making a Difference program.  Each year, KTGY calls for applications from all staff members, asking how we can Make a Difference in their charitable work.

For the past few years, Bryan, along with his family, have helped to organize a fundraiser and food packing event together with his church and the help of Harvest Pack.  Meals are vacuum-packed and sealed for longevity. KTGY’s donation provided the food for 4,000 meals.  At the packaging event on May 20th, there were 793 volunteers who packaged 217,792 meals.  Half of these went to a local Orange County charity and the other half were sent to the Philippines.

Brian says, “The food packing day is a lot of fun, and it is fulfilling to be together with hundreds of people all working selflessly to help others.  My entire family, including my children, had the chance to spend a few hours and help package a few thousand meals.” He shared during the application process that small and simple efforts can make a big difference. We agree!

Thank you, Bryan, for sharing your passion for this project with all of us at KTGY!