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As we further our commitment to thought leadership within the field of residential and retail architecture, planning, branding and interiors, our dedicated Research and Development Studio looks for opportunities to study and propose design solutions for the challenges facing today’s market. Our firm’s years of experience allow us to envision the future of residential design and community placemaking and contribute to the ongoing conversation about how and where we live.


Drawing from our company-wide expertise, the R+D Studio addresses a broad range of housing topics and issues: affordability, societal trends, multigenerational living, community placemaking, creative mixed-use, modular construction, and adaptive reuse. We consider changes in how people live, shifts in demographics, and challenges we see our clients facing. When developing new R+D concepts, we focus on big questions and look to address gaps we have identified within the market. Our goal is to develop conceptual design ideas that will inspire all our clients, working in a wide range of markets, to think about their projects from a new perspective.


KTGY’s R+D Studio represents our core values to embrace change and forward-thinking ideas to better serve our communities and the world around us. It is this imaginative dialogue and innovative work that inspires the creative and unique solutions that KTGY provides to our clients.

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