Over the summer our Chicago Studios celebrated the summer with our gracious hosts, Miller Knoll. We spent the evening in their Fulton Market Knoll showroom, among stunning designs and collaborations in furniture, fixtures, and textiles.

The white lotus came to embody the KTGY event, as the symbol of both the beginning and end of summer. We drew our inspiration from its layers of resilience, complexity and evolution. The Lotus Room, conceived by our branding team, is a tribute to our talented designers. They designed an identity and crafted multiple touchpoints to enhance the experience — including coasters, a curated cocktail menu, and custom candles for all to take home. Our team members were so taken with the concept that nearly everyone came dressed to theme. Of course, prizes were given — we love competitions!

The Knoll reps gave us a generous tour and let us roam and socialize in their inspiring spaces. With our professional photographer in the mix, we look like we belong in a magazine! You can see from our images everyone had a glorious time.