LA Wellness Week:

We started the week off right with delicious smoothies, getting in our daily serving of fruits and vegetables before 10 a.m.

We had a breathing lesson from Doug Heaton, Kundalini Yogi-In-Training. We sat together in the kitchen during our lunch break for a lesson in Breath of Fire. Many staff members felt the effects on their minds and bodies from the intense breathing exercise and had many questions for Doug on the purpose of these breathing techniques, particularly on the way breathing can change and control one’s emotional state.

In office 15-minute chair massages! The perfect way to destress and refocus; everyone was ready to tackle the rest of the week.

Stephanie from Xynergy hosted a lunch and learn, providing a great lesson in shopping, cooking, and prepping. She went beyond the technical skills, discussing the mindfulness and consideration that should be used regarding what we put into our bodies.

To gets our heart rate up before lunch we ran up and down the parking lot stair case (1st floor to 3rd floor). Then we walked to the park and enjoyed an al fresco lunch and played some soccer.