KTGY Oakland was excited to host Madison Park Academy at our office. The students participated in a fun-filled day, which included 4 different learning stations, lunch at the Kaiser rooftop garden, and a career panel with KTGY staff.

STATION 1: Google Earth: Students learned the basics of city planning and research development. Google earth software was presented as a tool for research in site planning.

STATION 2: Sketchup: Students learned the basics of three-dimensional modeling and digital visual representation. Each student was set up with a computer where they had the opportunity to create their own basic 3D models using Google Sketchup. Students were also able to interact with a current KTGY project.

STATION 3: Virtual Reality: The virtual reality set was presented to the students as a tool for idea development and communication of projects/products with clients. Students had the opportunity to walk through one of our projects using the VR headset.

STATION 4: Construction Documents: A construction set of drawings was made available to the students for them to interact and experience the design work done in 3D modeling on a two-dimensional format. They were exposed to material and color application of materials in a building.