On March 11th, a Saturday morning, Studio Director Swaroop Agaskar and 11 KTGY employees from KTGY’s Pune office boarded a bus in the early morning hours and traveled 90 kilometers to help Habitat for Humanity India’s construction projects in Saraiwadi situated in the Karjat region of India. Habitat for Humanity India has been working in Karjat for the last decade to bring improved housing and water to the region.

According to Swaroop, Habitat for Humanity India has carried out the construction of over 5,000 new houses as well as home repair and reconstruction in Karjat since 2006. KTGY volunteered painted the exterior of two houses and constructed the foundation and plinth for an extension of one of the homes.

“When we reached our destination, we got down to the serious work, which was not only enjoyable, but it was a great learning experience and very gratifying” said Swaroop.