The Tysons trivia teams knowledge of real estate and pop culture trivia was tested against approximately 30 other teams of real estate professionals on Tuesday, September 26th, at Penn Social. Funds raised benefit Community of Hope, an organization that helps low-income and homeless families in DC, and ULI Washington YLG’s Scholarship Fund.

Here is a sample of some of the questions that were asked:

  1. Celadon and Viridian are shades of what color?
  2. The song “Some Enchanted Evening” is sung in this musical.
  3. This company made a record deal at the corner of Wisconsin and M streets NW in Georgetown, Washington D.C. with a purchase price of more than $5,720 / SF.
  4. This element on the periodic table has the least number of letters in its name (in its chemical element name, not its symbol).
  5. Excluding utilities and railroads – how many properties are in the game Monopoly?
  6. If you were to subtract the NFL play clock from the NBA shot clock – How many seconds would remain?
  7. In the year 2000, this toy was named the toy of the century by Fortune magazine and the British Association of Toy Retailers.
  8. In Cushman and Wakefield’s Tech Cities 1.0 report in 2017, Washington D.C. ranked in what spot?
  9. As part of tradition, this drink is consumed by the winner of the Indy 500 race.
  10. Match the celebrity with their home:
  • A: Jennifer Aniston
  • B: Bill Gates
  • C: Oprah Winfrey
  • D: George Bush
  • E: George Washington
  1. The Promised Land
  2. Ohana
  3. Mount Vernon
  4. Prairie Chapel Ranch
  5. Xanadu 2.0

It was a lot of fun!