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Sibel Konak – With My Own Two Hands

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KTGY is proud to support Sibel Konak of KTGY’s Irvine office as part of the 2017 Making a Difference program for her involvement with the nonprofit organization With My Own Two Hands (WMO2H). Sibel planned to travel to Kenya in October of 2017, but due to political unrest in Kenya, her trip was delayed until February 2018. During her 10-day stay in Kenya, Sibel worked on a series of projects that contributed to building sustainable living solutions and improving the lives of disadvantaged children.

Sibel developed a passion for volunteering with WMO2H when she learned of the organization’s mission to provide education to children in need. WMO2H’s goal is to create sustainable resources for the sponsored children and focuses on projects tied to overall health and community growth: education, shelter, water and agriculture. KTGY’s donation was put towards projects that Sibel worked on while in Kenya, specifically assisting in building and planting greenhouses at both St. Ann’s Orphanage and Amazing Grace Orphanage, providing water wells, assessing architectural needs for a new school building and teaching the children.

Back home in the United States, Sibel continues to be involved with WMO2H and says, “I know I will forever be a part of the work they are doing and contribute to the organization through fundraising opportunities and volunteer efforts.” Programs that Sibel contributes to annually include: sponsoring an orphan in Kenya by celebrating their birthday, providing school uniforms, a year-round education sponsorship and supporting the local villages by supplying greenhouses and livestock.

When asked about her involvement with WMO2H and her inspiration to travel to Kenya, Sibel responded with, “I am truly passionate about this organization because it provides education, shelter and food to children that are often completely forgotten about or left without hope for a future.” Thank you, Sibel, for Making a Difference!