Services Provided

Interior Design


Floor Area: 4,000 sq. ft.


Client: Detroit Entertainment, LLC
Photographer: Eric Perry


Revel Steak is Motor City Casino’s ode to speed, celebration and the city of Detroit. The task of creating a clear, approachable identity for an upscale steakhouse just off the casino floor became an opportunity for KTGY’s interior design and branding studios to collaborate on a transportive guest experience. Revel Steak’s winning character not only draws people off the casino floor but gets them in the front door. Its identity is grounded in the client’s vision for a kind of extravagance based on the history of Detroit.

The name “Revel” and its emblematic “V” logo symbolize verve, energy and the thunder of a 16-cylinder engine. Inspired by Detroit legend Sunnie Wilson and his Cadillac V16, Revel Steak makes use of custom hubcap sconces, curved banquettes, curving lines along the ceiling and metal finish to evoke power in motion. Upholstery and materials drawn from classic cars summon a luxury feel. Custom pendants and industrial details lend a harder edge to the sumptuous space. Distinct signage escorts guests through the space, creating a separate path into the busy bar; each touchpoint reinforces the feeling of a fully formed destination with an enduring identity.